Things to consider in the set where you model


When you start modeling, you may notice there is a difference between your room background and another more experienced model's room background. Modeling is about looking good, not just you but your space as well. When you are broadcasting, you are modeling yourself and your space. Many viewers will notice everything around you, including reading posters on your wall or noticing a messy closet. Your space can say much about you. Getting your space in modeling mode is important.

Imagine getting online and your image is dark and gloomy. I doubt you will be creating a fun and busy room. Lighting is extremely important, maybe the most important when it comes to webcam modeling. This is also true for photography. You don't need expensive kits to look great. Make sure your lights are bright enough to flatter your skin tone. Also it is best if your lighting is diffused and not spotlighted on you which can be unflattering and create shadows. If you have white walls, a lamp against the wall will softly reflect it back on you more evenly.

Colors around you is second on my list of things to consider to get your space in the best modeling mode. Your favorite color may not be the most flattering to be modeling in front of, so ask the studio helping you to suggest the best colors for you. Usually they are colors that contrast with your skin so you look vibrant while modeling. Wild patterns are usually not the best idea, as they can be distracting.

Tidyness is third on my list but just as important as color. Modeling in a messy area is just as distracting if not more distracting than wild patterns. It also reflects badly on the model. You are not just a body but a personality and scattered people are not very fun or attractive in most cases.

After you have taken care of those three, now it's time to have some fun and decorate! Add a little personality to your room but keep it simple and in good taste. Going too far can make a space look cluttered. Art on walls is excellent and so are plants. Be careful with mirrors though because they may expose areas that you don't want seen by your viewers.

My final word of advice is to ask your studio how your room looks. They know what works and what doesn't even when we don't. Good luck!