Webcam modeling for a single mom at home


I got pregnant when I was 14. By the time I was 19, I had quit school and had three beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, none of their fathers decided to stick around. I spent about three years going from job to job, but without a diploma or GED my options were pretty thin. At the time, webcam modeling never even entered my mind.

I spent my share of hours waiting tables and shaking my butt for extra tips, but it barely paid the bills, and I was spending all my money on daycare. I needed to get my GED, but didn't have the time to study and take the tests. I barely had time to sleep or spend time with my girls.

When I saw the ad for webcam modeling, I didn't exactly jump at the chance. I had a lot of reservations, not the least of which, was self-esteem. I was only in my early 20s and was in decent shape, but I had had three kids and didn't think I fit the bill for webcam modeling.

Finally, after going back to the ad over and over again, I thought why not give it a shot? If I didn't like it, I could always quit. Two years later, and I am still doing it. The money is great, and I am keeping the bills paid and a roof over our heads. I work in the evening, so I spend my days with my children and my mom takes the kids when I work.

It's opened up so much for me. I took online classes and earned my GED last fall. I'll be starting community college soon and going for my associates. Webcam modeling isn't for everyone. It takes a lot of guts to stand up there and do our thing, but every time I do it, I can almost see the money pouring out of the screen.