Real webcam model jobs experience from a plus size model


It's not easy for a large women to feel good about herself even if she is confident in her size and beauty. We are bombarded with skinny cover girls and actresses with personal trainers and enough money to do whatever they want. That's why I started looking for webcam model jobs. They don't make sexy clothes for bigger women and we end up walking around either dressed in clothes that are too small or looking like a school teacher. That's not hot. I wanted to feel sexy and attractive without putting myself out there on the meat market. Occasionally, when I would look for clothes for bigger women the search engines would bring up a site featuring Big Beautiful Women. These women were attractive and obviously confident, so I started looking at webcam model jobs, just to see what it was like. Before I started working, I spoke to a lot of girls about it and they seemed to be pretty comfortable with the situation. They talked about feeling wanted and sexy and getting things out of it that were missing in their relationships. Some of them had boyfriends that knew and others didn't. For me, it's been a great experience. I've been doing it for about three months and it works around my schedule. I have men fawning over me left and right and people actually pay me to do it. After every session, I feel great about myself and how I look. For those doubters that say webcam model jobs aren't real jobs, my tax return should tell you different. I make more here than at any job I have had before. I don't go around flaunting what I do and my mom and dad still think I work as a administrative assistant, but I can finally afford clothes that don't make me look like a school teacher.